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A Reflection for the Week

To you O Lord we bring our Lives,
Troubled, broken or at ease,
Take away our selfishness and teach us how to love as you Love.
Take away our sense of pride and teach us humility.
Take away our blindness and show us your world as you created it.
Take away our greed and teach us how to give as you give!
Teach us your paths
That we may walk with you, hand in hand our feet in your footsteps,
From the baby in the stable to eternity,


General Information on Baptisms/Weddings and the Sacrament of Reconciliation

An act of contrition is advised by the Holy Father. Confession upon request after Saturday evening mass.

How to make a good confession

Arranged by appointment only. Families must live within the parish boundary
You will be asked for your Baptism Certificate, and God Parents must be Catholic and you must live in the parish.


Arranged by appointment, with at least twelve months notice being given. The Bride or Groom must be a Catholic and live within the parish boundary and be an active member of the parish. (Not to be arranged for a Sunday).